TIE & DXL Video Library

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The TIE & DXL video library contains videos that cover the major aspects of the McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and Data Exchange Layer products

Certificate Usage in TIE
Overview of how TIE interacts with Certificate Reputations and how to manually override a reputation. 
TIE Communications Over DXL
An overview of how the TIE Server uses DXL to communicate reputations with other McAfee products. 
TIE Server Settings
Review of the two additional server settings when the TIE server is checked in: TIE Server Topology Management and Threat Intelligence Exchange Server. 
ATP Reactions to TIE Reputations
How to determine which files forwarded to the TIE server from the ENS ATP settings and a demonstration of the communication between TIE and ATP. 
TIE Reputations
Presentation on the process to find and determine file reputations, as well as an overview of the TIE Reputations interface.