Network Security Platform Video Library

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The Network Security Platform video library contains videos that cover the major aspects of the McAfee Network Security Platform (NSP) product

NSP Overview
An overview of the appliances and software that make up McAfee Network Security Platform
NSP NTBA Policies
An overview of Network Threat Behavior Analysis(NTBA) policies and how they are used in McAfee Network Security Platform.
NSP Policy Advanced
An overview of the advanced features available in McAfee Network Security Platform.
NSP Integration
An overview of how McAfee Network Security Platform can be integrated with other McAfee software and third-party software.
NSP Maintenance
An overview of the different features used to maintain McAfee's Network Security Platform. These features include: Malware Archiving, Database Backups, Database Tuning, Database Pruning and Data Archiving. 
NSP Setup Access
An overview of the NSP Manager User Interface and how it provides the NSP Administrator the ability to configure specific setup configurations for the NSP Manager and NSP Devices in their network.
NSP Policy Types
An overview of the different policy types that can be used with McAfee Network Security Platform.  

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