Data Loss Prevention Video Library

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The Data Loss Prevention video library contains videos that cover the major aspects of the McAfee DLPe product

DLP Discover
An overview of McAfee DLP Discover and it's features.
DLP Operations
An overview of the DLP Operations menu option which is used to view errors, policy changes, agent overrides, and other administrative events.
DLP Capture Database
An overview of the DLP Capture feature which allows you to store all email, web, and network data analyzed by your McAfee DLP Prevent or McAfee DLP Monitor appliances in the DLP Capture Database.
DLP Helpdesk
Tutorial of McAfee DLP Helpdesk.

Sub Categories

DLP Device Control Rules
These videos go in depth into device control rules in McAfee DLP
6 videos
DLP Policy Creation
These videos go in depth into policy creation in McAfee DLP
1 video
DLP Data Protection Rules
These videos go in depth into data protection rules in McAfee DLP
12 videos